Talk of Prof. Roberto Di Pietro

Roberto Di Pietro





Roberto Di Pietro, ACM Distinguished Scientist and IEEE Fellow, is Full Professor in Cybersecurity at HBKU-CSE. Previously, he was in the capacity of Global Head Security Research at Nokia Bell Labs, and Asso- ciate Professor (with tenure) of Computer Science at University of Padova, Italy. He also served 10+ years as senior military technical officer. Overall, he has been working in the cybersecurity field for 23+ years, leading both technology-oriented and research-focused teams in the private sector, gov- ernment, and academia (MoD, United Nations HQ, EUROJUST, IAEA, WIPO). His main research interests include security and privacy for wired and wireless distributed systems (e.g. Blockchain technology, Cloud, IoT, On-line Social Networks), virtualization security, applied cryptography, computer forensics, and data science. Other than being involved in M&A of start-up—and having founded one (exited)—, he has been producing 230+ scientific papers and patents over the cited topics, has co-authored three books, edited one, and contributed to a few others. He is serving as an AE for ComCom, ComNet, PerCom, Journal of Computer Security, and other Intl. journals. In 2011-2012 he was awarded a Chair of Excellence from University Carlos III, Madrid. In 2020 he received the Jean-Claude Laprie Award for having significantly influenced the theory and practice of Dependable Computing.